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Default No Water - No Electricity - No Septic 20 Children

There is an existing water runoff ditch down one side of my property and I don't want the children to wander over and fall in. It's pretty deep and it's part of the natural features of the property. I'm not allowed to fill it in, as the neighborhood storm water flows into it.

A mobile home recently set up on the property adjacent to my ditch. Septic tank installed, but no water so septic is not operational; nor electricity. About 20 children are being dropped off and picked up at this mobile home. The door remains open and adults and children are in and out of it. Monday through Friday. So far, I'm minding my own business because I unfortunately live in a drug dealing weapon wielding neighborhood.

I'll take my chances on a drive by shooting at my house; I just have to do something. Can't be healthy for the children at all!

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