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More children are hurt at licensed day care than at unlicensed day care. How does a piece of paper make a difference as to what kind of care you provide?
I know parents that have pulled their children from licensed day care to put them in unlicensed. Here in our town a woman was arrested for abusing(pretty badly) her own daughter and guess what she was a licensed day care provider. Oh and hey the lady down the street has a unlicensed daycare and guess what ....she has never done time or abused any children. So abuse and neglect can happen anywhere at anytime. Just because you have had someone from the state come in and tell you what needs to be done and how to run your business doesn't mean that all Unlicensed day care are bad or hurtful to children!!! Oh and its Spell Check. Not spellcheck!
Abuse and neglect can happen anywhere however the reason you dont hear about unlicensed daycare abuses as much is because alot are covered up, providers are not held as accountable as licensed ones. parents be careful no matter where you choose to have your child left. Ask the right questions if a daycare has to many kids for one person maybe you should look else where. how much is your childs safety worth to you.
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