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Smile taking chances

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And ya know that is your right as a parent to prefer a licensed daycare provider. However, it is not state law that i be licensed if i only keep certin amount of children.So I'm not breaking the law! Also what makes you think that unlicensed daycare providers donn't claim there income? I pay my taxes just like everyone else. And another thing, you don't have to "licensed" to take child care courses! I am certified CPR (Adult, infant and child) and i also have 15 years of education all related to my career. All paid for out of my pocket! I have excellent references and a clean background. Oh ya, and i did nanny for 5 years for a family. I'm sorry but just because i don't hold that LICENSE doesn't mean that I am uneducated or a bad daycare provider. FYI: i haven't had to advertise for 5 years now, i operate on word of mouth and i also have a 6 month waiting list. Hows that for UNLICENSED.
sounds like you have had alot of experience with children, so why not be legal they have laws in place to protect you as much as the children ,i had a licensed daycare for about 5 years and it was really good ,they came in ever so often to check things out,but also they pay you for each childs breakfast,lunch and a snack.the rules helped me to give the best possible care i could, I look at it like this what would i want for my own kids thats one reason that i became licensed,you may be doing everything right but there are people who really get greedy and it becomes more about the money and less about the children .To me this becomes a real problem & instead of providing great care our children become paychecks i don't know about you all but i'm not willing to take chances with precious gifts God has blessed us with , so thank about this please when you know about illegal daycares,someone has to stand up for the care of our children . precious gifts
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