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Originally Posted by lvt77 View Post
can i ask why it bothers you if she is or is not?? I agree that eveyone should have to follow the rules, but maybe she is not aware of the rules....

Maybe you can ask her, help her instead of hurt her. What about all of those kids...what will happen to them...

she may be the most loving provider and it could devistate those children if they lost her...

even though it may upset you that someone is not following the rules, maybe there is a reason why..

open your heart and mind and reach out to this person so that they dont lose everything they have. If you are a person with a good heart and a soul you would help them instead of hurt them......

You never know what someone else situtaion is.........

I feel your frustration, but do you really know the providers situation?
Good points lvt!
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