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Default This strays from the Heart of the matter.

At the beginning of this strand when the poster asked what his or her state regulations,

Everyone judged and argued before truly asking why they wanted to report. Up to five kids-fine, taxes-gray area as a professional childcare provider and one subsidized daycare owner I can say we don't make much with those low ratios. But I found my way to message board to try to find out how to report an a home daycare I recently assisted at. There were regularly 15-22 children in the home, it was filthly, and her care for child 2 years and above was to put them in of two rooms to watch televison and play video games. If they came out the rooms other than to use the restroom they were lterally yelled at to go back to the room and sometimes "swatted"!

Infants and toddlers were locked in room for hours with fan on so as to dull their sreaming because as she put it "there was nothing else to do with them". When I briefly cuddled an ill infant she asked me not to hold the babies so they did not "get spoiled."

She wiped childrens faces and hands with same rags used to wipe counters, tables, and floors. Her idea of me assisting her was to leave alone all day and come there only during child drop-off and pick-up so the parents thought she was there all along. She made at $3,000 a week and didi report any. So much ,in fact, that the home daycare was her first home, the home she and family lived in is a much larger home in nearby, nicer neighborhood.

So, yes-there is for consistant oversight and liscensing. Come on people, we are talking about here!
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