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Default Operating an Unlicensed Daycare

My kids were going to an unlicensed daycare. That said. My lady was really good, until she started getting greedy. She fired my daughter after leavinig her outside all day for time out. YES FOLKS OUTSIDE!!! She has about 15 to 20 kids at any given time, and about almost all of them, are under the age of 3. She doesn't pay taxes on more than $3K per child, because thats all you can benefit from in the Child Care Credit world. So this gal, is pulling in 150K a year and only claiming on about 45K per year.

It is the responsibility of the parent, as it was mine, to find the best care for my child. I kept turning a blind eye. After the incident above, I was ready to pull my baby girl anyway.
Bottom line, it is not anyone's business to decide if it is a good daycare or not based on licensing, it is our responsibility as a parents to put our children in good hands. So shame on us if we didn't/don't.
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