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One thing I've heard of/tried before is to order a lot of ink pens with your business information on them. Then, keep a ton in your purse. When you go places (grocery store, mall, restaurant, wherever), sign with your pen, and then leave it. People pick up pens all the time. Of course this isn't a sure-fire way to get AWESOME clients, but you might get some interest and find some good clients!!
Another thing I've done, like you, is create a blog on blogspot. All the parents signed a permission form to have their child's picture on the website. I post some pictures, explain what we are doing, and then let it go from there. I just created the blog, so I can't tell you if it will help get business or if it will just keep the parents informed, but if the parents are pleased, they may share it with others.
Good luck. I know it's tough to replace kids sometimes!!

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