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Get some nice glossy posters made up through Vistaprint (or even the oversize postcards work well) and put them up EVERYWHERE in your neighbourhood -- grocery stores, corner stores, gas stations, bus stops, schools, doctors' & dentists' offices, churches ... anywhere they won't be taken down (or rained on). The more people see your daycare around, the more likely they are to contact you when they need care, or to pass on your name when someone they know is looking. My rule of thumb is that people need to hear about something at least 3 times before they'll do anything with that information. So, if they see your poster at the store, pick up your business card at the doctor's office, and then see your ad on Craigslist, they'll think "Oh yeah, I know her! I'll give her a call (or pass her name on to so-and-so)!" As well, if all of your advertising can have the same logo, wording, and look, people will become familiar with it (again, making them feel like they "know" you). And that helps drive word-of-mouth, which, as PPs have mentioned, is THE best advertising ever!
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