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Angry I don't charge enough! WWYD?

I've been reading posts in the forum for quite some time and they have all been really helpful. I do need some advice though, so here goes...

I've been running an in-home daycare for over 10 years now. When I first started I would charge $10/day per child.

Since I have raised my rates, but not too much. Everyone here has a different rate and compared to other in-home daycares in my area, what I charge is dirt cheap.

I only charge $90/week for infants, I currently watch 1 infant hours are 7am-5:15pm

I have 3 other families with 2 or more children.

Family #1- ages 9, 7, & 4. I charge $150/week during school and $175/week during summer. Their hours vary but it is usually M-F 11:30am-6pm.

Family #2- ages 4 &1. I charge $160/week M-F 8:30-5:45pm.

Family #3- ages 8 & 6. I charge $125/week M-F 7:30am-4:45pm.

I have contracts that have been sent out, but never signed and never returned. I have always been too nice, but my contracts state my hours are 7am-5:30pm. As you can see I have a couple of parents that completely disregard my hours, and dad of Family #1 at times will not pick up until 6:30pm with no phone call or apology and NO late fees. I should also say that Family #1 lives across the street so I do not want to cause any problems but I do feel that I should say something or charge them for the late fees but I just don't know what to do!

so my question is this, How can I increase my rates to average those around me? The other in-home daycares charge $150/week for infants and $100/week per child with no sibling discount and $75/week before and after school care per child.

If I were to match these rates I would almost double what some of the parents are paying. I also have one mom who made her own rates and will use drop off care 2 days per week for her 7 & 5 year old for 6-7 hours and pays me $20 altogether for the day. I feel like I am being ripped off and it is the major cause of my burnout.

What should I do and how do I go about it? Thanks in advance!!
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