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I serve breakfast at 8:00, lunch at 11:30 and snack at 3:15. We don't snack between meals, and do not do seconds on snack. As far as stopping the snacking, just don't offer them. Hopefully this doesn't come out wrong, but rather it is your daycare kids or your own kids, no one needs to be snacking all day. Maybe crack down on your own kids too so that it isn't just the daycare. My kids are 10, 12, 15 and they eat around the same times as the daycare kids, usually after them. If someone is complaining about being hungry, let them know that lunch snack or whatever time is coming up will be in x amount of time. Keep some veggie sticks in the fridge, and if they keep asking tell them they can have a few veggie sticks if they are hungry till it's time to eat. Maybe offer them water when they ask for something to eat.
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