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You'll need to talk to your provider or payment specialist at your subsity office because they all work differently. For example, the program that I am currently on until recently used to pay the 2 week deposit. As of a few months ago they don't. If the providers don't enforce payment of the 2 week deposit or can't get payment for any penalty fees the subsidy program won't get involved.

It's up to me as a provider to collect my money, not theirs. They urge us to collect payment in advance and refuse child care services if the parents do not pay.

Here the only time that the subsity program gets involved is when the family is obligated to pay a "family fee" (a portion of the childcare fees) and they don't. When this happens the provider has to contact their provider specialist to report this and the families subsity is temporarily suspended until their portion of the fees are paid. Usually during the suspension the families daycare fees are not paid and if the provider provides childcare during this time (often days to weeks) the subsity program will not reimburse the provider and it is up to the provider to get that money from the family.

BUT I have also heard that in some places if the provider's rates are higher than what the subsidy payment covers, if the provider charges a 2 week deposit or if the family incurs penalty fees (late pick up fees, late payment fees, bounced check fees etc.) providers are NOT allowed to ask the family for these fees.

Your best bet is to call your agency and ask them.
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