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Default Need Some Advice

I have a DCM that is pregnant. DCB (3) has been coming for 3 years now. I've been told by DCM that full time care won't be needed after she has the baby. (She is debating on returning PT or not at all.) And since I've decided to quit PT care, I gave her an astronomical rate so I'm pretty sure they won't be coming back.

This child is also the first child to arrive and the last child to leave most days.

DCM told me she wanted to keep DCB in daycare during maternity leave but would be cutting his hours back. I've asked DCM for DCB's new schedule during maternity leave twice and haven't gotten any response back. (She is due mid July, however, with my vacation being the beginning of July, (and the possibility of going into labor early), I need the schedule now so I can make whatever preparations necessary and I would like to know what it is so I can approve or deny it!

I also plan to cut my closing time back to 5pm rather than 530pm and I want to give notice but I figured I'd wait until I got the new schedule. It would only affect this family but I haven't done so because I've been waiting to until I get the new hours. (Figuring I could continue with the 530pm for another month if need be.) Meaning I know they can accommodate the earlier closing time during maternity leave but I want to do it a couple weeks before.)

I don't feel like I should ask again yet I feel like if I change my hours, they will leave now rather than August.

What would you do?!
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