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I totally agree with you all, 100%. Really though, they are not the sort of people to do hands-off child rearing. they have no bedtime routine, they have admitted to me that at bedtime they put her in the car and drive around with her until she falls asleep. I mean *come on*.

If she doesn't nap here, she usually falls asleep by 6:30pm.

the parents have told me that it's "okay to nap her, just make sure to do it before lunch time". If she sleeps before lunch, she has permission to sleep however long she wants, be it 30 minutes or 3 hours. After lunch, it's a whole different ball game. BUt the thing is, I am NOT having two separate nap times. Until recently, my son was napping twice a day completely opposite of the other kids, I finally got him on the same name schedule. I am not doing two nap times again.

I feel like I've been up and down with this family. They don't get the separation anxiety thing because she appears to be very well adjusted and "loves coming here".
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