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Originally Posted by MaritimeMummy View Post
Yeah, when she started coming here and her parents said she didn't nap, I said it was my rule that all kids at least lay down quietly and read books for 20 minutes. If they fall asleep in those 20 minutes, then they needed a nap.

They were fine with that, but as it turned out, she was konking out within 2 minutes, not 20. She even fell asleep before my own daughter, 6 months older than her, who still naps 2 hours every day and is asleep by 8-9pm. I told them this and they were shocked, because she doesn''t nap at home on the weekends and sure, she is a nightmare right around midday, they said, but it only takes 30 minutes of driving to get her to sleep rather than 2 hours!

I have tried napping her and on those days I don't even mention that she napped. They know the difference. They always report the next morning that she didn't go to sleep unti lmidnight, or that she was up all night with nigh terrors, or whatever. I mean, I feel bad that they can't get her to sleep but I agree with you all, nearly 11 hours here with no nap at 2.5 is pretty outrageous...especially since my 3 year old still naps.

I have tried making the living room a calm, quiet place for her on the days where I say, "okay kid, you're not getting a nap". I pull the curtains and make it dark, I put on tv so she can just quietly watch, but she is SOOOO squirrely that I am constantly reminding her that she's being too noisy. She's loud no matter what QUIET activity we do. ARGH.
Do not base your decision off what the parents are telling you she is doing at home.....mainly because you cannot also be reacting to whatever current complaint they have about what she did the night before. Keep her on your routine each and every day. If her nights get more consistent, great and if not, thats not your problem. The parents have multiple issues going on at home, the biggest being that they admittedly have no bedtime routine. You cant fix everything but you can change what is happening at your house. Do not offer TV to an overstimulated and exhausted child....thats the worse thing you can do IMO. stop trying to "keep her quiet" during nap time and just put her down for a nap. PNP in a room by herself, darkened as much as possible, white noise or calming music, close the door and let her calm herself and go to sleep, period. I wouldnt worry about what the parents say later. Unless you are wiling to do this current craziness each and every day till kindergarten, you need to get a plan and change things now. Dont react to whatever her morning is like....naps are the same time, the same way, the same length every day no matter what.
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