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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Uh, have to disagree there. A mortgage payment for a home that is yours and that will be there when you return is a tad different then paying someone that has not performed a service.

I completely understand that the providers need their time, but this is the line of work they chose, and getting "paid" vacations when you work for a company or state or any other line of work that pays their employees benefits is different from a daycare.

Daycare is expensive as it is, I wouldn't pay a landscape company when they take vacations and don't mow my lawn? I don't pay my paper boy vacations or pay for a newspaper that I wouldn't receive? Do you pay your mechanic if he doesn't fix your car? People work for many places that DO NOT provide benefits, and that is the breaks, I worked for a restaurant they did not pay anything! But I made tips so that was the offset. A daycare is a service of caring for your child, and in my opinion if you are not performing that service than why should you get paid for it?

I can understand the other way around if the parent takes the vacation they must pay. That I get, but if that's the case than why doesn't the parent pay for the daycare providers insurance too?? That's because as a SELF EMPLOYED person you are faced with that. For example you are self employed as a house cleaner, do the homeowners pay for your vacations when you won't be cleaning their home? My very good friend owned her own floral store and so that makes her a self employed individual, I never heard of people having to pay for her vacation?

I understand that the providers need breaks, we all need breaks, of course. But home daycare is a business they chose, concerns of benefits and paid vacations are reasons why self employed people decide to work for someone/company that can afford to provide employees with these benefits. Parents are usually struggling as it is to pay daycare so charging them when you are not performing a service I feel is not so fair. As I said, if we are to pay your vacations then why are we not paying your healthcare or other benefits?

That is why I work for a company that provides these benefits to me. But maybe I should go in to the daycare business.
Technically clients are paying for my other benefits I choose to add into my fees/tuition. I know what it will take for me to make money in my business and be able to support/supplement income from my spouse. You are fighting a losing battle here! Whether providers choose to be paid or not for vacation is a choice providers get to make. Find a provider of your choosing/liking but do not hound providers that choose to charge differently than what you agree on.
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