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Default Child with Asthma

Okay, mom brings boy this morning. She says he may need a treatment, so she has nebulizer machine. She says he may get to coughing a lot and then I am to give him one. Or, if he just "wants" one he can have one-weird but whatever.

So, he is fine this morning and she called to check on him about 10am. Then around 11 I notice he starts getting worked up and coughing like crazy, so I give him the treatment. I call her twice on her cell phone and she has yet to call me back. She says she would keep checking her phone throughout the day. Now it is naptime, the kid is coughing nonstop and I can't give another treatment until 3pm. I do not want to call mom at work unless it is an emergency, but I don't know what to do about the kid's coughing? What you you all do?
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