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But multiply that to 12 children (legal limit for one provider in MA) and you make $48/hr for 12 children. That's about $96,000/yr, essentially being paid as much as a nurse practitioner. How many "daycares" watch one child? And you know you are charging more than $200/wk for a 5 day child. So tell me again, this time add children, not just child.
Lets say that was accurate, and the daycare was full daily. That's GROSS. Deduct 17.5% federal taxes off the top, then whatever the state tax is, then expenses food (I spend $200/week EASY on my 6 daycare kids), increased water, sewer, utilities, plus high quality supplies for the kids, art supplies, curriculum, INSURANCE/liability, insurance/health (since we are self employed we have to buy this).

Again, those calculations are BEFORE all of the above, and I'm SURE I'm missing some. I made around 60k GROSS last year, it was around 35k NET, for 50-60/hours a week not including off hours time spent cleaning, cooking, lesson planning...
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