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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My question: my daycare provider added holidays to our original contract and now charges a higher amount then what we would normally pay. My child only uses afterschool care and on days when she has a holiday we are charged $10 more then our normal rate. This really upsets me. This is not part of the original contract and I understand things change occur and I have rolled with the punches, but to charge MORE on holidays is ridiculous right? I get paid holidays but I don't get holiday bonuses for not working.
Have you asked your provider to explain the change?

If not, I would right away since the holiday season is approaching quickly.

If you have and she explained it clearly then you have two choices at that moment. Resign a new contract agreeing to the change or withdraw and find other care arrangements.

fwiw~ I don't agree with what your provider is doing but since the law says that a self-employed business owner can set their own policies, she is not doing anything illegal so the choice to accept it or to not accept it and move on is strictly up to you.
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