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I understand, and can except, paying for a holiday. But paying for the days around a holiday, that I can not understand. I work in retail... ever heard of Black Friday? Well, I have to take that day off to stay home with my kids. This is an unpaid day off, in which I also loose my Holiday pay because my employer does not pay if we take the day before or after off. So, all in all, I am out one day of pay, one holiday pay and I still have to pay for daycare for those two days. This is going to cost me half of my mortgage! We do not have any family in the area, and no other daycare will take them for just one day. Is it really right that I will have to get a aditional part time job (and loose even more time with my kids) in order for my daycare to have a "holiday" that I don't even get? Please, keep in mind that not everyone has subsidized daycare, not everyone gets those days off (or paid off), and not everyone is able to go without large sums of money (especially in this economy). I love my children dearly, and would love to stay home, but we are not able to afford it. We are barely scraping by as it is, hours are shrinking, expenses are going up... how am I to foot the bill for someone to get better benefits than I do?
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