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Originally Posted by A mom View Post
Our daycare provider charges only for the days my daughter is physically there so long as we tell them by the Sunday evening of that particular week. So we do not pay for holidays, we do not pay for our vacations, and we don't pay for any days I know in advance that she won't be there. They use this open communication system of scheduling to give their caretakers more flexibility in their own schedules. So no, not all providers charge for the "slot." Some actually charge for the care that is provided.
I would guess that the providers that charge this way....only charge for hours used.....are providers that do not really need a "job" and this simply gives them something to do. Now me, I need a job and I run my daycare business as such. I run a very good program complete with preschool curriculum and all. And yes, doing it this way does cost me money. And yes, I charge whether the child is here or not, vacation, holidays, and sick days included. Now if I could have 20 kids on my roster and hope the 6 show up each day to meet my income needs, that is one thing. But we can't do that here as we have a limit for in our care. So yes, each spot is worth $$ and if you choose to not attend after you reserved your spot with me, you still have to pay. Even 15 years ago when my own kids were in daycare that is how it was.
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