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Originally Posted by Former Teacher View Post
Originally Posted by jen View Post
What I have learned over the last eight years is this...the people who want the most, also want to pay the least. They are the most demanding, leave their children in care the longest, and sadly, thier kids are the most likely to act out and be disruptive.
I totally agree! Couldn't have said it better! Perfect example is, and I hope people don't take this the wrong way, is that the parents on "state aid" are the WORST. I had this one mother years ago who was SO disrespectful it's not even funny. For instance: she would literally throw me a bottle in my hand and DEMANDED "make me a bottle" please or thank you. This woman also had 3 kids (would have been 4 since her last child was a twin, she aborted one baby because she couldn't afford 4 kids but that's another story) and paid next to nothing for quality childcare. She isn't the only one I have encounted. There have been many throughout the years that were just as disrespectful.
I can't agree more-not only expecting everything, but abusing the system to boot!

Example-one family is alloted XX hours of county paid care per week.....they took the day off from work, dumped the kids at DC, and went deer hunting.

Another one did something similar-allotted a certain number of hours by the county per week, and did the exact same thing...took the entire WEEK off unpaid and dropped their kids at DC and went hunting...all week long.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but if a person is so down on their luck that they can't pay their own DC bill, what right do they have to buy a deer license, ammo, own a firearm, take time off from work without pay, and go hunting (and usually come home empty handed) while the rest of us pay their daycare bills?

Keep up the hard work, millions on welfare are depending upon you!
Spouse of a daycare provider....which I guess makes me one too!
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