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I have this kid She is also 2.5yo.

She's been with me almost a year and it's been a very trying time. I've tried everything (and then some) to get her to "get it" but she is simply........blank when she is taught rules. It can become very exhausting and I've thought about terming her more than once.

I've only been trying this for two weeks and it's worked amazingly, but I am not sure of the long-term results.

Everyday she gets dropped off and sits at a separate table to eat breakfast. After finished, she picks a toy or activity and brings it to the mats next to where I sit at any given time. If I move to the other side of the room, she needs to pick up her things and follow me. During outside play, she is to play with what is reachable to me. If I'm pushing the babies on the swings, she is to be on the swing next to them. If I'm pushing a child in our choo choo wagon, she is to be sitting IN the wagon. If I'm changing diapers, she is to pick a book and bring it next to the changing table where she sits and reads until I'm finished. I have a kitchenette in my daycare room so when I prepare meals she sits at the table and does a puzzle.

I've taken away a lot of freedom for this child. She can pick what she wants to do during free play, but the remainder of the time I am in charge and she is to follow me/sit by me. She, very rarely, gets the opportunity to play with a friend as she is simply unable to BE a friend. She doesn't understand what it takes to play with children (only child) and she is my shadow all day....except on a much higher/more supervised level.

The other children are much happier and I am much happier. DCG can sometimes become upset when she isn't allowed freedom, but at this current moment I am resetting her back to "default" and completely reprograming her to play correctly, behave correctly and eat/sleep correctly while here.

At home, DCD plays with her every single moment. He (in his words) believes DCG shouldn't play alone, watch tv alone, play outside alone, look at books alone, sleep alone, blah, blah, blah. DCM is extremely lenient and becomes VERY upset when I tell her DCG has been into timeout on any given day Definitely a bad match in parenthood.

Good luck!
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