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Nap time is tough one. I recognize that some kids don't need sleep (I was one), but I firmly believe that if they don't need that nap, they simply won't fall asleep. When I was in daycare I distinctly remember lying on the nap cot WIDE awake with my eyes closed, desperately trying to fall asleep just like everyone else. I could NOT do it.

I have dcb4 who has napped here since he started a few months ago, now parents don't want him napping. I've always gotten him up as soon as he starts to stir, otherwise he's a bear to wake up later and whines and cries the rest of the day. This has always worked really well for us, he gets an hour to read quietly and wake up, and I get a happy boy in the afternoon. Now parents don't want him to sleep. Now I have a 4 year old who is wetting the bed and generally WIRED for the afternoon.

Sure seems like the 2 are correlated to me.
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