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Originally Posted by LysesKids View Post
In some areas I have lived in the past 10 years, yes Flash floods did happen & Where they happened in Fayetteville AR, it had never happened before (2011), however, just last year it happened again in the exact same area because of excessive rain in a short time ( like 30 minutes). Here my street turns into a river every time it's heavy rains & we get warnings for flash floods & major ponding on roads. I know in FL (2002-04) we had excessive water during some rains and you couldn't drive down any street without risking stalling & drowning & sometimes it happened quickly because of a foot or more of water in intersections. The question is, if you found out you couldn't get out, what would you do?
We’re on high enough ground that we’d just shelter in place and call for rescue. My son is in search and rescue, and that’s the recommmendation for our neighborhood.
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