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Originally Posted by Jenniferdawn View Post
Yeah Iím a no shoes inside here (yuck-I donít want the babies and toddlers crawling in shoes that have been in bathrooms!) and as long as itís warm enough, they donít have to wear shoes outside either. Nature on feet is good for a child imo. As for foot fungus/diseases, Iíve been open for 15 years and have never had a problem with that. That being said, you have a right to your rules and you told her them respectfully (though honestly I think thereís more of a chance of them getting a foot fungus keeping their sweaty shoes on all day than if they took them off)
Same! No shoes EVER in the house. If you donít want to wear socks, donít wear socks. And in the summer, Iím usually the first one with my shoes off outside.

As far is the original poster, if itís your policy to wear shoes and socks, then they need to abide by that.
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