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Originally Posted by JenNJ View Post
I think that all parents have a choice. If you don't like the foods your daycare serves, send in your own foods for your child or find a new daycare. In my home daycare, I cook almost everything from scratch. But my clients pay more than other daycare homes in the area that do serve processed foods. Real food costs much more than processed and moat parents wont pay for it.

Also, healthy eating begins and ends at home. Daycares and schools cannot correct poor eating habits created by parents.
While I agree that schools cannot correct poor eating habits at home, I know in our district they certainly don't do anything to encourage better eating habits.
I think the original poster is directing her comment towards the school system and not attacking daycares. I agree that the majority of school lunches are junk, and therefore as a parent chose to not have my children eat school lunch. It is mainly processed junk that is heated up and served. Maybe the new bill that Mrs. Obama backed directed to school lunch programs will change this, but until then, my kids will continue to take cold lunch.
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