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I want YOU for a day care parent. Can you move to Des Moines?

Befor I switched to a fully organic menu I was able to do all home made meals for a dollar a day per kid.

See my post in this thread:

In the summer it came to about four dollars a day. See my post in this thread:

Now it is about $5.50 per child per day.

It varies quite a bit based on the season. One thing to REALLY keep in mind is the labor.

The hours of labor now is about 26-27 hours a week of dedicated time food access, prep, and storage time. Before we switched to organic it was about 20-21 hours a week. This is for eight kids doing breakfast, lunch, p.m. snack. I make EVERYTHING from scratch with whole foods.

Doing healthy whole from scratch meals requires a lot of money for the food and labor. You really have to be dedicated to it to make it happen. Just accessing the food LOCALLY one by one is a job in and of itself. There's really not a one stop shop for everything like you can do with regular store grocery shopping. In order to make it reasonably priced you have to be willing to buy in bulk, process, and store foods for the off season.

My son takes packed lunch. The school food is disgusting. If you are interested in an excellent school lunch website hook up with Ann Cooper. She's the rock star in the school lunch world right now. Friend her on Facebook and follow her links. She's my hero.
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