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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
Any time you waive, disregard or bend your policies you are telling parents your policies are negotiable.

If you don't want to continue having to defend your policies you need to stand behind them.

This child might very well be trained at home but not at daycare. Totally common. However, being trained in daycare is YOUR goal and if he simply wets because he's wearing a Pull-up, then he isn't trained. A fully trained child does not pee in a Pull up just because he's wearing it.

I have a couple of DCK's who wear Pull ups and neither of them pees in them. It's just an excuse that throws most providers off.
I have a foster boy that just started, DCM says he was potty trained by the other foster family. Other family trained him to strip and sit on the toilet backwards. He can't hold his pee well enough and starts before he hops on the toilet. My rug, and his clothes get wet everytime. Cw (caseworker) makes him wear a pull up to visit, sometimes it dry when he removes it but not always. The more I send him to the be bathroom, the more he wets things.

DCM says sometimes he puts his under and pants on backwards. He did it because backwards because no one took the time to show him how to do it right. Now that I showed him, he gets it right.

But my question is how do I or should I change the way he sits on the toilet?

I feel he would wet less on my rug and his clothes if he sat properly. (He is 3 and we use the toilet with built in potty ring only, no stool to get on with but could add one. Potty chair is also optional to add if needed.)
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