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I do not count nutella as a processed food.
I know it is, but I LOVE nutella.
I am in complete denial.
I wish to stay there.


Originally Posted by countrymom View Post
to me processed food means alot more junk, but canned soups, or frozen guk, or premade stuff. Now I do buy some processed stuff, like today I bought bagged pasta (my mom won't give me her pasta machine and I want one so bad) but there are some things I need that comes from a can that we can't store in our house or our freezer can't hold it (thats a whole other topic and dh is to blame)

I just came back from the grocery store with my kids, I seriously have weird children. They were excited that we were able to find a pomagranate and dragonfruit (do other children eat these) my girls were being sarcastic in the store about buying canned cheese, nutella and canned pasta---they will not eat this stuff even if you gave them money. My dh blames me because I'm home and can cook meals. Some days I wished they would eat frozen guk so I wouldn't have to think about what to make for dinner.

dh went on a service call with a co worker who also has 4 kids. My dh took him to meijers. His co worker couldn't believe the prices (way cheap) but when he started to ask my dh if our kids ate certain foods, my dh laughed and said no way. Apparently his kids live off of canned and frozen guk (I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that 3 of his kids have ADHD)

sorry I'm going all over the place. But having some processed food is fine, because it all depends on where you live and how accessable the stuff is. I really need to get my garden going because my kids love to eat fruit and veggies (I know they are so wierd) and if you have a freezer (again dh's fault)
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