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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
Since all "play" contains learning moments, I just choose one developmental area at a time to observe and document.

Lets use blocks for example. Blocks can be appropriate for
math/science (counting, sorting and grouping)
language/literacy (color identification, shape identification, bin lables and conversation and communication)
social/emotional (sharing and group play)
physical/motor skills(stacking, sorting)
cognitive (bigger, smaller, wider, round, smooth etc)

Is that the documentation part you are referring to?

The rating thing here is still only a pilot program and we haven't been "schooled" or trained on any of that as of yet. I am simply remembering documentation from my college course work.
yeah...sort of...

For Youngstar. the expectation here is:

You assess the children through an accepted assessment tool. Then, you decide what Early Learning Standards you want to address. Based on this, you write your curriculum (for all the children, including infants). Then, you document what they've done, communicate what they've learned, and you assess again. It's all about being "intentional".

So...through your observations and assessments, you notice one 4yo hasn't mastered scissors. You intigrate use of scissors into your lesson plans. You take a picture of the child using scissors, ad an annotation into their portfolio, and make sure to communicate that with the parents.

You would do the same for your infants-school agers. For school-agers, there is a whole OTHER set of criteria to integrate.
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