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I also do monthly billing, its so nice not too worry about collecting money non stop. I also am taking more days off this year. Every month the amount is same regardless of holidays, it keeps the math to a minimum. If I have to close unexpectedly I credit them on the next month tuition.

My monthly themes and rotating (often theme related) toys keeps me so much more interested in their play. Decorating the daycare room to go with the theme, helps me not feel like I spend every day looking at the same walls

This song: "I am happy, I am good. I am happy, I am good. You are learning, I am too. You are learning and I am too." I adapted it from (correct me if you know better) a Hindu children's chant/song. My friend learned it at a Yoga retreat and taught me the gist and I changed it a bit. I start singing it when I child is grumpy, throwing a tantrum, or when I am getting grumpy at them. The other children join in and we sing it a few times through and then move on. I sing it while changing the poopy bum of a potty trained/capable child, it reminds me to be calm. I really like it.

I listen to music that makes me happy.
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