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Originally Posted by BumbleBee View Post
Last week 7 month old arrived and had her jammies on. I honestly didn't even notice bc her jammies vs day clothes are very similar.

Until dcm opens her mouth. "She wouldn't let me take her jammies off this morning. There's an outfit in her bag for the day.

...I had no words. 7 months old. Ok then.

I was content to leave her in her jammies all day and if questioned by dcm at pick up the response would've been "she wouldn't let me take them off either." But the little booger had a diaper blow out an hour before pick up so I had to change her clothes.
I keep the kid in whatever they came in and just say the same thing...... "she wouldn't let me change her". Too bad you had the blow out but at least you had clothes to put her in.
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