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I have had a child for three years - SUPER well behaved here not so much for the parents (to the point they tried as hard as they could to get an Autism diagnosis for him to explain his behaviour ).
The number of times I have heard "He wouldn't let me ...", "I couldn't get him to do ...." it makes my head spin.

Then a few days back I'm telling another parent in this parents hearing about how my 19-year-old son (who is no longer under my roof and supports himself fully), has just bought himself a motorbike. The other parent pipes up with, "Oh there is no way I would let my son buy a motorbike. I would be telling him no and he would respect my decision". I honestly thought I was going to pass out as I was laughing so hard. I turned around and said to this parent that they can't get their 3-year-old to respect them but they think their child is magically going to do what they are told when they are 19.
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