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Originally Posted by Ac114 View Post
Is it a full moon?

DCM1: Iíll be here at 12:30 to pick up DCG.
I text DCM at 12:30, are you still coming?
Her reply, yes sorry I got side tracked. I wonít be there until 1:30. Ok please be quiet coming in since itís nap time. Comes barging Iím waking up the twins. Ok thanks mom.

DCM2: comes barging in at 2:00 pm to drop of DCB when he always here by 9:30. I assumed he wasnít coming since I didnít get a response. He screams and throws a fit, of course waking up the twins yet again and she turns around and takes him home.

Seriously people. Respect my rules. I canít make this stuff up.
What is even the point of dropping off at 2pm? This isn't a babysitter drop in service when you need to run errands for a few hours! I had 2 families who did this to me often and they did me in!
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