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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
as you say we pay for the "slot" that would mean that for a holiday that the daycare is closed there is no "slot" they are closed, that would be like paying for a reservation that doesn't exits.
There is no slot on Saturday nor Sunday (at most daycares). Would you expect a discount for those days, as well? Why not? It makes no sense to me that a person can not understand the logic to this.

I figure out what I need each year. I divide it by the number of children I am allowed to have in care. I plan for being closed for certain holidays and a few sick days. Maybe a few vacation days, if I am lucky. My rates are set based on this number that I must have yearly.

I certainly COULD let parents have days where they don't pay for closures, illness, vacation, etc. BUT, that number that I NEED does not change. So, I would just raise my rates to cover those closure days to ensure that I made my goal income. My clients are going to pay that number that I need to hit whether they pay it in higher rates with "free" days (that aren't truly free) or whether they pay it with a lower weekly fee that is the same every week.

Either way, my business needs to make a certain amount to stay solvent. I am going to get to that number or I won't stay in business.

If you don't like paying the same amount weekly, why not ask to pay a higher rate so you can feel like you're getting something for nothing?
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