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ColorfulSunburst 01:55 PM 10-13-2017

Your requirements to start working are 18 yrs of age and clean background record. Finger print check, etc... The owner or operator of any DC can provide the documentation to you once they accept you. On your application to the Dept of Health, it will ask for experience in caring for children. If you have no experience, you can substitute course work, like your health & safety and other courses. Baby sitting and caring for siblings or relatives count as experience. Personally, you need nothing else to start working. Once you start working, you will have 6 months to complete 15 hours of training and must then complete another 15 hours within two years. Your provider or operator can direct you on completing these requirements as well. No CDA, First aide or CPR, college, or High School diploma required for you. if you will care for children alone, then you must have CPR & First Aide certs, but this technically is the owners problem, not yours since you should technically not be alone.

good luck