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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Since it seems many of these homes with swimming pools that offer daycare services really are run by people with swimming pools that want to supplement their income the emphesis is not on safety, but money.

For child safety, the law should not allow swimming pools on daycare property when the children are too young to swim.
And you know this, how? My emphasis is on safety, the money is secondary.

I have a 5 ft mesh fence that I can see through with a self closing/latching gate. The lock is kept locked at all times and the key is kept in a kitchen cupboard that has a magnetic lock, locked at all times. My pool is 52" above ground, the ladder is kept up at all times when not in use and there is also a lock to prevent it from being lowered without an adult. All pool chemicals are kept in a locked shed.

I am licensed and the pool was carefully inspected. My inspector was especially critical because our county suffered the loss of a toddler that drowned in an ice chest a few years ago.
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