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Running an unlicensed daycare does typically say "the type of care you do provide". If it is a state law that you MUST be licensed to run a daycare in your state, then you SHOULD be LICENSED. If you can break that law, what other laws could you be breaking??? It is not difficult to get daycare licensing. The law is there for a reason. It is to govern daycare providers so that they follow the rules and regulations for that business. The state has this law so that in case there is a problem with the care your child(ren) are receiving in a daycare, it can be handled. I myself, as a parent DO WANT A LICENSED DAYARE PROVIDER FOR MY CHILDREN. I am willing to pay the going rate or more for a licensed daycare provider just for the peace of mind of knowing that that provider and whoever is in her household that will be around my children have a complete criminal background check for the safety of my children. Why would anyone put their childs safety or life in someone else's hand without checking them out first. Being a licensed daycare provider, I at least know that the place has to be inspected for safety and that there will be random unnotified inspections that the provider will receive as well as having to go to classes to update her knowledge as being a daycare provider; such as CPR, First Aid, how to discipline, ect. And by the way, what reason would you not have as to getting licensed? Do you not want to claim your income at tax time? Wake up people, there alot of crazy nuts out there as it is, why would you even think about risking the safety of your child. I am not saying that all unlicensed daycare providers are this way but what is the downfall in NOT BEING LICENSED? Besides, being a licensed daycare provider will get you more business. When parents are looking for daycare they usually call the state licensing office for a list of providers in their area. And to be on the side of the licensed providers, I give them much credit for dealing with the crap that they have to go through in order to be a LIGITIMATE LICENSED DAYCARE PROVIDER. My neighbor is also a non-licensed daycare provider and it erks me to no end that she provides daycare to other peoples children when she neglects the 3 kids she has (ages 10, 6, ans 3). I can say this because she pawns her kids as well as her daycare kids off in my yard so that they can play with my children and I end up watching them so that they don't get hurt, while she sits on her A** all day with her husband (who doesn't work because he was fired for watching **** on the computer at his job). This is one of those reasons why I say GET A LICENSED DAYCARE PROVIDER so that everyone that is around your children can be checked out. Better to be safe then sorry. Your child only has 1 life!!! A caring mother in Laurel, Delaware.
I'm new to day care and no I am not licensed, nor do I plan to get licensed. And I certainly don't believe that a license has anything to do with the quality of care I will provide. I watch one child now, just one day a week. I am hoping to take in 2 children maximum because I believe in nurturing and teaching, not simply keeping children safe. I have two of my own and I feel that any more than 4 would compromise my ability to provide the type of care that I want to provide, though i realize it will limit my income. Do I believe there are sub-standard unlicensed providers. CERTAINLY. Just as I believe there are sub-standard licensed providers. Does anyone really believe that every licensed provider follows all the rules and if they ever break one they will absolutely get caught? That's like saying everyone with a drivers license follows every traffic law and if they ever speed they are certain to get ticketed. I can assure you based on my husband's driving that is not accurate.
I'm confused by the animosity towards those of us who opt not get licensed. As far as I'm concerned, it's a personal decision. If parents opt to forego my service due to a lack of license, that's their choice and I'm okay with that. Why does that bother people?
Also, I don't understand the basis for the assertion that an unlicensed provider doesn't pay taxes. I have a FEIN and report my income. The license has nothing to do with that.
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