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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Thank you for the reply Thrifylady. No I am not on subsidy. I actually wanted to send my own food in but she did not want that as she prefers to be in control of everything in her home. That I understand as if other kids have allergies etc.. I think she is strict on routine and so she throws the government into the conversation as if we would get in trouble but really it seems to be just her rule. I don't want to upset her as my baby is happy there but this is bothering me. We respect all her rules but I have problems with this one as someone is telling me I cannot spend more time with my baby. I will try to discuss with her again
Well I don't allow any outside food, drinks or toys. As a provider, it is just to hard and many licensed providers have in regulations that they have to serve healthy meals and snacks and some parents idea of healthy is cheese crackers, oreos and a "juice" box. That could land a provider in a bind! I don't allow it due to allergies and not wanting sally crying because she has veggies for snack and Jimmy has cookies!

As a parent it would bother me that my provider was lying about something like this. It would bother me mostly because it would make me wonder what else she wasn't being honest about. As a parent and a provider, the most important thing between provider and parent is trust. To me, she would have broken that with her dishonesty.
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