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Originally Posted by WBee View Post
Good morning all! I have a dcb who informed me yesterday that he is "allergic" to bananas and ,"Mommy told me to tell you not to give me nanas anymore." LOL He has NO food allergies but is a picky eater who barely eats all day-including lunch brought from home. My policy has always been that kids need to try what I serve for snack. I do NOT offer different options unless there is an allergy. What would you do? I try not to offer things on certain days a child will be here who doesn't like that snack, but I think they should be given opportunities to try them every now and again. I let dcm know in a note and included the false allergy-which is a No-No! I'm awaiting the "please give him something else" note back.
You serve.
He eats. Or not.

HIS choice.

I don't offer alternatives and I don't require a taste or thank you bite. Either eat or don't.

No snacks or extra's outside of regular meal and snack times. Easy peasy.

Food battles RARELY have anything to do with food.
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