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From my experience. I had one baby when my plan didn't have maternity coverage. I basically had to pay the doc upfront by the 7 month (they take off I think like 40% if you get it paid off before the baby is here) and then I set up payment plans with the hospital. Here is what I learned:

1. depending on where you are, most states offer Medicaid if you are prego (they have different requirements for pregnant woman)

2. You most likely can not add it to your coverage. You might check though because with the new laws I think they might have to cover you for that. ( unless your deductible is so high that it doesn't make a difference)

3. If you do decide to pay the doc up front its called a global fee. That will cover all your visits, the birth, and 1 sono. All of your labs and extras (like epiderarl) will be billed separate) and so will the hospital bill. Then when the hospital bill comes in you can see if you qualify for financial help with it and that may lower it.

As for the baby, he or she should be covered but I would call and check. I don't think that falls into maternity benefits.

Good luck
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