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My contract states when schools close due to weather, for the safety of the children, I close as well. I have only teacher families so they are all home anyway. My tuition is the same during the school year whether I am open or not. It states there is no discount for days there is no school or your child does not attend.

You could just say, due to safety I will close when schools close. Tuition will not be reduced. I would also address late starts and early releases if you have only teachers. For days the schedule changes due to weather, I open late. For early releases some teachers have to remain until all buses are empty so I do not close early. Many if not all are picked up early.

We have had 6 closures due to weather this year. Next year we may have none. Only one parent subtly complained, but she is just that way. Her husband teaches so she could have went to work if she wanted.
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