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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My child goes part time to daycare on the suffice i guess the daycare looks good clean but there is some concerns that i have. For one last time i picked her up she did not get bottle (milk) for 7 hrs and baby food only one time in almost 10 hr day that she stayed there. is that something that should be reported ? im in process of finding another daycare because i just refuse to take my baby where she is starved to death and crying when i pick her up i just dont feel thats right. I have not talked to the site director because every time i ask her anything about my child's day she has no clue what is going on and by the time i pick her up the teacher is already gone. i only hope that all daycare's are not the same and some daycare providers actually have some pride in their work, dont get me wrong taking care of kids is not easy and dealing with parents at times is challenging at the least but is it really that much to ask for my child to be fed with food that i provide at approximate times that she normally eats and drinks and to be played with??
Are you sure your child was not fed?

I do remember that in my old center the employees would occassionally get behind on paperwork because of the particularly BAD day (behavior wise) of one or two kids that kept them otherwise occupied.

I also got yanked from my room without warning often to handle some other "crisis" after I got my kids to sleep for nap (when paperwork is typically done). By the time I got back to my room, they were sending me home "for ratio" (since Lead title pays at a higher rate) and moving my kids to another room. The parents were never given THAT part of the story... Just "I don't know WHY she did not document that."

It was frustrating because it made it look like I had not done my job when in reality I did two employees worth that day... I also knew informing the parents would lead to my termination.
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