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Nothing I can do about this so I'll just vent about it and get it off my chest. I have a dcb who is going to be 3 in Feb. He is obsessed with Thomas the train, he carries a Thomas the train book as a security book. He talks about trains all the time, points outside and sees trains. It's so annoying because it's constant. He also twists his hair, he just got his head shaved and now he rubs it. He cries over stupid stuff, like his sock is crooked. His twin is the complete opposite, she is out going and plays with every one. Not her brother, he sits there talking about trains or rubbing his head. He's also not potty trained and cries if you talk about it and he repeats everything you say to him, like if he needs his diaper changed and I tell him lets go to the bathroom, he says lets go to the bathroom and it goes on and on. He is my least favorite to deal with.
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