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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I understand why one would complain to the state licensure entity if issues were addressed and left unresolved or if primary care provider was out of the country when issues with staff occurred (only one staff present and sleeping on the floor with a dozen kids that should be being supervised). It's not so simple just to say find another daycare. In our community there is a shortage of daycare and our providers know it. So they feel invincible and it's quite un-empowering for parents that want to make sure their children are receiving adequate care for the $$ we are paying for it. There's a reason that the licensure process exists and that the complaints are SUPPOSSED to be confidential. Also, inspectors due not issue violations on complaints alone. They INVESTIGATE and if they find something wrong they issue violations. If there is not merit to the complaint, then why would the daycare provider sweat it?

Part II: I'd like to know if the daycare provider can, after kicking you out citing other factors, call all the other daycare providers in town and tell them not to take you because you are a complainer?
I am provider, and I ask my potential clients if child attended childcare before,and if they say yes, I ask where he went and why they left. Then, I call the provider and ask a same question ,why that child left? and if provider tells me ,child was super,but mama was complainer. I would not accept you.
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