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Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo View Post
AMEN!!!! I honestly get tired of all of the electronic stuff these kids are glued to. So many of my dck's have their own Ipads. I don't even have one lol. Then I drive down the street and every other car has the tv's in them. We used to have one too, but only for our 5 hour trip up north in the summer. Not for around town. How about looking out a window or talking? I go grocery shopping and see so many kids watching something on mom/dads phone or ipad the entire time. Parents wonder why their child isn't talking? duh!
. The grocery store is one of the best places for face to face time too.

When I worked at a centre there were a few kids who were there from open to close. I ended up leaving the same time as one of those kids and was behind them in traffic. The DVD player was on the whole time in the van. The poor kid had been at daycare for 11 hours and the parents still didnít want to interact with him. It broke my heart
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