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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
That's crazy but for me only because it's a cell phone the little one is raging over....

My own child would have reacted in a similar way if I took a favorite toy out of their hand so the actual rage fit wasn't so odd to me.

Originally Posted by storybookending View Post
Kids and electronics is my biggest pet peeve right now, esp after my day with my 2 year old today. They are just so addicted to them because the parents just let them sit behind screens all night long.

I have a 3 year old that is probably the best behaved kid I’ve ever met but the second mom or dad walks in the first thing she’s asks them EVERY SINGLE DAY is “can I watch a show when I get home”. EVERY DAY. I am unsure if they allow her to.. dad says no on his pickup nights but isn’t a hands on dad so I’m feeling like the answer is yes by the time they drive around the block to get home. Mom usually gives her a “maybe later”. Child has never asked me to turn on the TV but talks all day about shows she’s watched.
I have TWO who are enticed out the door DAILY with "what show do you want to watch?" or they wouldn't leave without throwing a fit. They NEVER ask for TV here, probably because it's NEVER an option, so...

Originally Posted by Indoorvoice View Post
I'm not as concerned about the screen as I am about them teasing their child like that. How utterly disrespectful and awful. What does that teach them? You bet when that child is older and rips something out of their hands or another child's hand that the baby will get reprimanded for it and mom will be posting on all the mommy sites that baby rips toys out of people's hands at daycare and she just can't figure out why! Oh and you had also better believe that if those same parents learned that their daycare provider was doing this to baby just to laugh at baby screaming that the provider would be blasted all over the internet and go to jail. It wouldn't be so funny then, huh? Ugh parents are just so mean sometimes!


Originally Posted by hwichlaz View Post
Right? Nothing better than a kiddo in the cart seat face to face with mom, getting kisses and attention while she shops.
I really loved the time I spent with my kids shopping. Yep it was hard the in/out carseats, esp in bad weather, and there were days I just left them with dad/grandma, but for the most part- they came with me. This was before screens were so common place. They had their own little grocery lists of things to remember to get, could pick out ANYTHING in the produce department if they were good, and the conversations. We need X number of bananas, look at the man stocking the shelves way up high, etc etc. And of course, the tasting kiosks. That was my ds's favorite.
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