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Default DCB Aggressive With My Baby

I have a 2 year old dcb who tries to exert dominance with the baby (10 mo). I have worked on it for months & he is doing so much better. I keep the baby right with me & only allow them to play together when I'm right there sitting between them. He plays nicely with the baby now during the day, but drop off & pick up are awful. As soon as his mom walks in he attacks the baby. Their mom is a friend so she always walks in & picks up the baby to say hi sometimes with her own child crying & pulling on her. She always addresses him, but then talks to my baby. I think dcb is jealous so that is the reason for the acting out. When she squats down to talk to her son while holding my baby that's when it happens. He has bit him & brought blood, scratched his face until it bleeds, laid on him, pushed him, etc. I've started moving the baby into his crib during drop off/pickup & shutting the door so dcb doesn't have access, but that isn't a realistic long term solution. I was frustrated at first, but now I'm just angry about it. I don't want to cause waves b/c she is a friend, but its my child being harmed & I'm ticked off. I've talked to her several times explaining how I handle the 2 of them in her absence, how I don't let dcb get in baby's face, how allowing him to hurt baby is not ok. I don't know what else to do except term, but that's going to be awkward too. How would you handle it? I've thought about maybe wearing him during dropoff/pickup so he is strapped to me & can't be bothered.
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