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Yes, she instantly puts down baby & picks up dcb to talk to him, but its always a"baby is crying. We don't hurt baby." & that's the end of it. Then she holds dcb until she leaves. I was nice about it the first couple times, but i was ticked & I let her know it this last time. I'd been putting him in his crib in a separate room during drop off & pick up time, but she was late that day & I didn't want to leave him in there for a long time. I just happened to walk into the kitchen to grab something & she walked in at that moment & picked up baby. I was literally 3 seconds behind her, but my baby screamed as I was walking into the room. She commented that he just pinched the baby & he'd be fine, but it wasn't a pinch. He scratched him & drew blood & there is still a faint mark over a week later. She knew I was mad, but I was careful what I said b/c our families are friends, but I wanted to term effective immediately. Dcb was gone for a week for other reasons & I'm anxious about his return. I don't want to hurt feelings, but at this point if it happens again I feel like its on me, kwim?
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