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Originally Posted by mamamanda View Post
Yes, she instantly puts down baby & picks up dcb to talk to him, but its always a"baby is crying. We don't hurt baby." & that's the end of it. Then she holds dcb until she leaves. I was nice about it the first couple times, but i was ticked & I let her know it this last time. I'd been putting him in his crib in a separate room during drop off & pick up time, but she was late that day & I didn't want to leave him in there for a long time. I just happened to walk into the kitchen to grab something & she walked in at that moment & picked up baby. I was literally 3 seconds behind her, but my baby screamed as I was walking into the room. She commented that he just pinched the baby & he'd be fine, but it wasn't a pinch. He scratched him & drew blood & there is still a faint mark over a week later. She knew I was mad, but I was careful what I said b/c our families are friends, but I wanted to term effective immediately. Dcb was gone for a week for other reasons & I'm anxious about his return. I don't want to hurt feelings, but at this point if it happens again I feel like its on me, kwim?
So what's going to happen when he scratches your baby again, but this time gets an eye? A scratch hard enough to bleed could permanently blind your baby. There is NO way I would keep this child.

No friendship is enough to risk my child's safety. I assume you have a daycare so you can be home with your child- you also know that this DCB is purposely hurting your child to get attention from his mother. Now that he knows it works it is unlikely that getting him to stop will be a quick or easy process, regardless of how you and the mother now choose to react to him. He will most likely escalate also. Every time you have him near the baby and he thinks the baby is getting attention he wants he may attack your child, and every attack has the propensity to permanently injure you child. That may seem harsh, but it is the truth.

I would give 2 weeks notice and keep him separate from the baby at all times until he leaves. I would also suggest to the mother that your DC is no longer a good fit, and that he may do better at a place with children his age or older.
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